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NAWBO October Workshop

October 04, 2017
6:00 PM - 7:15 PM

Carolina National Insurance Group
3820 Merton Drive, Suite 110
Raleigh, NC 27609

Go for It! 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence (and Your Business!)

Can you think of a time when nervousness got the best of you? Maybe you left that networking event early (or decided not to attend at all.) Maybe you're having trouble naming your vision for your business, or struggling to confidently explain or market your company. Maybe you hate pricing your services and find yourself holding back or not asking for what you need.

If you've been there - know this: so have we. The media is reporting on The Confidence Gap and the crushing effect it has on women's careers. If we're not confident, we're less likely to ask for what we want, need, and deserve—and our business will be affected.

We want you to go for it, and not hold yourself back from asking for what you deserve. (Because you do deserve it.)

In this interactive workshop, you'll get:

  • Simple practices for quickly boosting confidence in real time
  • Powerful insights about naming (and conquering!) tough situations
  • Strategies for integrating confidence into business plans that lead to more sales!


We look forward to working with you and doing what we can to help women business owners in our area bridge The Confidence Gap. Register today!

Speaker: Adele Michal

Adele MichalSince 2005, Adele Michal has guided women business owners, creative entrepreneurs, coaches, small business teams, and change makers of all stripes on how to turn their own skills and gifts into success in the work they do. She coaches and speaks on the topics of confidence building, growing your business authentically, and selling through inspiration, not manipulation.

Adele teaches her clients Simple Success Practices as well as the practical skills they need to confidently fill their business with ideal clients and be rewarded for their work. She has worked in Fortune 50 companies as well as with family-owned businesses before becoming an entrepreneur and shares what she has learned in her engaging talks and classes.


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