Community Partners

A community partner relationship with NAWBO Greater Raleigh creates opportunities to strengthen your current internal positioning efforts by choosing options that align with your organization’s mission and marketing objectives. Based on the outcome desired, a relevant partnership option can offer ways to maximize its strategy and achieve its goal.

NAWBO Greater Raleigh chooses up to 5 non-profit organizations that align with our mission as Community Partners each year.

Educational Partners

Support Partners

Resource Partners

Provide professional and development workshops or seminars that our women business owner members can attend as a benefit - these will be added to the NAWBO GR calendar.

Provide advising, counseling, mentoring and supportive direction for women business owners.

Provide access to business-impacting resources that help to accelerate the achievement of important business milestones for women business owners



Broaden the reach of your organization by leveraging the local presence of the largest and longest-standing national organization dedicated to the long-term economic success of women business owners.  Enable your organization’s community outreach efforts to support the women business owner economy.



  -Business Luncheon Attendance at Member Rates for up to two organization representatives
  -Partner Spotlight (1 Event, 3 Minute Spot, can invite guests at member rates)
  -Name Tag Distinction (All Events)
  -Logo Inclusion on Digital Content (All Distributions)
  -Logo and boilerplate on NAWBO GR site (links to the Partner’s site)
  -Social Media Mentions (Monthly Rotation, All NAWBO GR Platforms)
  -Newsletter Spotlight (1 per year)



  -Add NAWBO-GR logo and boilerplate description to your website with a live link to our website.
  -Promote our partnership on social channels, newsletters, invitations, website, etc.
  -Promote NAWBO GR meetings through your live and digital communications.
  -Offer partnership perks to NAWBO GR members (i.e. discounted rates on events, memberships, subscriptions, etc.)
  -Ensure a leader of your organization is present at any joint event and your Partner Spotlight Event.