• How do I join NAWBO-Greater Raleigh?
    Simple! Click here, and you'll be taken to the National NAWBO website, where you can join quickly and easily.  

  • What are the MEMBERSHIP options?

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS:  All levels have a $100 Initiation fee. Monthly rates vary by plan. 

Premier Membership:         $39.95/month or $359.40 for a one-time annual payment (most popular)

Introductory Membership
:  $29.95/month or $$239.40 one-time annual payment

Supporting Membership:   $39.95/month or $479.40 one-time annual payment.  

A supporting member is an Individual or Non-Profit Organization who subscribes to the objectives of NAWBO and wishes to lend support to NAWBO through membership. This category of membership includes limited discounts and is listed in the online member directory. The individual does not need to be a women business owner.
Retired Membership:  $9.95 per month 
Members of a regular voting category, the member receives all communications and publications, is eligible for all discounts and benefits, and is listed in the online member directory. To qualify for membership you must be a member in good standing for the last 5 years. 

  • Have Membership Payment Options Changed?

Many of our members are now taking advantage of MONTHLY installment payments. You can choose to make a one-time annual payment or to break your payment into monthly installment payments. 

  • How do I update my NAWBO Profile?

In order to have your profile correct on the NAWBO Raleigh website, you need to update your information on the national site.  We download information from there a few times a month.

It's quick and easy! Simply:  
1. Log in to the member page using the login information you received from National NAWBO when you joined
2. Go to Your NAWBO
3.  At the bottom of the page, ; select “Update or Edit Biographical Information and Photo
4. Upload your headshot and give any information you would like other NAWBO members to have
5. Your information will be downloaded to our local site the next time we run an update. 

  • Who can Join NAWBO Greater Raleigh?

Our main membership categories are for women business owners. NAWBO Greater Raleigh is for: 

-Business owners seeking authentic, supportive business relationships
-Local women interested in mentorship opportunities
-Women whose businesses could benefit from support, knowledge, and resources from other women business owners

We're not a lead group (we’re about building relationships and less focused on e-mail lists), and we're not a social club (we work hard and mean business) – but of course, we have fun growing our businesses, our expertise, and our support network!  An individual who is not a business owner, or a Non-Profit Organization, who subscribes to the objectives of NAWBO and wish to lend support through membership can join as a Supporting Member.  This category of membership includes limited discounts and is listed in the member directory. 

  • What is NAWBO’s history regarding advocacy efforts?

Advocacy is in our roots. NAWBO was founded in 1975 for the purpose of advocacy because a small group of Washington, DC women business owners encountered obstacles in running and growing their businesses. At the time, there were no organizations for them to join where they could connect with other business women, share best practices and champion for policy changes to make being a business owner easier. These collaborative efforts later formed the National Women’s Business Council, which ensures women are represented and counted in government reporting efforts of business ownership.


 Why we care about Advocacy

What is political advocacy? Political advocacy is the ability of a group of individuals (or a sole individual) to influence and impact decisions being made about legislation that can or will socially and/or economically affect them.

Why should I support my chapter’s political advocacy efforts? NAWBO is always listening out for opportunities to weigh in on business-impacting policy issues at the federal and state levels that affect how women in business manage and grow their companies today, tomorrow and beyond. By working together, NAWBO members ensure that our nation’s economy is moved forward by the galvanized efforts of women in business. In this way, every member counts.

Why does NAWBO continue to participate in political advocacy initiatives? Because NAWBO is the largest voice for women in business in the United States, policymakers and influencers take our calls, hear our concerns and make time to meet with us. In other words, NAWBO gets access to the people who can set change in motion, or bring harmful policies to a halt. As a NAWBO member, you are part of a collective force for women in business that is listened to and gets results.

Can one member really make difference? When NAWBO members work together to advance our political advocacy efforts, we amplify our voices and we mobilize our shared business goals. The victories are much more rewarding when we all share in the wins. Even when we miss the mark, we all learn and grow from the experience and prepare for the next opportunity to make a difference for women in business. We listen to each other, support each other and help each other thrive in business and in life.

Do I have to know politics in order to participate in political advocacy? NAWBO has tons of resources to help you feel more confident in navigating the political system and understanding what it means to be an active advocate. But, you do not need to have a background in politics, or even be politically active to support political advocacy initiatives at NAWBO’s chapter and national levels. All you need is a passion to help other women business owners succeed.

Will my political party affiliation affect my being able to support our political advocacy efforts? NAWBO’s advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels are always non-partisan. We represent the interests of women in business, irrespective of party affiliation. We encourage open communication about business issues and opportunities that are applicable to every woman business owner and discourage discussions that attempt to divide us based on party affiliations and political doctrines.