• The topic must be of importance to women business owners, be identified by our membership as a subject of interest, and follow the theme(if identified) for the current year.
  • The presenter must be an expert in their field.
  • The presenter must be able to identify how they became an expert in their field.
  • Whenever possible, the presenter should be a woman.
  • A minimum of 3 learning objectives must be identified for the presentation.
  • A minimum of 3 specific benefits from the presentation must be identified.
  • Whenever possible, presenters should provide some sort of visual aid for their presentation, e.g. PowerPoint presentation, handouts, etc.
  • The presenter will speak for approximately 25 minutes and be prepared for approximately 5 to 10 minutes Q&A.

Prospective presenters are encouraged to submit a proposal for consideration, utilizing the guidelines above. No presenter may submit more than two proposals per year and may only speak once in a three year period.

We welcome your speaker proposal, submit here!

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