Greater Raleigh NAWBO Needs YOUR Help! 2017 Spring Membership Drive

The NAWBO Greater Raleigh Membership Committee is asking for YOUR help in recruiting new members during our Spring Membership Drive. Help grow our chapter by expanding our network of women business owners and champion for more female entrepreneurs! Plus, if you help refer a new member, you may be rewarded with a gift card or other prize.

How can YOU help? Spread the word! Reach out to women business owners who you think would benefit from NAWBO. Let them know about our incredible benefits. Consider sharing this video with them to help them learn more: 

The drive goes until the end of April, and during this time, any new member saves $25 on their initiation fee ($75 instead of $100). Plus, we have many upcoming events, so it is a great time for your friends to attend an event to decide if NAWBO is right for them.

So, please get the word out as soon as you can. Remember: members who refer someone new to NAWBO can win a gift card or other prize.

Questions? Reach Erin Cohen at or Linda Boylan at Also, please let us know if you have any prospects that you would like the Membership Committee to personally contact.

Thanks for all you do!

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