Accepting Feedback: Line Between Professional Growth and Self Acceptance

At the February NAWBO Coffee & a TED Talk event, women business owners from around the Triangle came together to discuss a TED talk. 

This session's TED talk was How to use others' feedback to learn and grow by Sheila Heen.

The women who participated in the discussion included: 

Elyssa Kivus, Kivus & Camera 
Sarah Forney, Long View Group at Morgan Stanley
Sarah Glova, Reify Media
Jennie Burleson, Arbonne International
Bonnie Cashwell, Balancing Acupuncture
Denise Corey, Denise Corey Coaching
Leslie Hamm, Alpha Accounting
Zakiya Leggett, RTP International Minute Press Printing
Noa Ronen, Noa Ronen Coaching
Mindy Schrager, Systems of Change, LLC

After viewing the TED Talk, a few comments arose: 

  • Important lesson in emotional intelligence: If we know more about how we receive feedback, including our emotional level and our bounce-back time, that may help us better prepare to receive good feedback (and block unwanted feedback).
  • Great communication lesson to know that different individuals receive feedback differently—and can also consider cultural differences at play.
  • "The One Thing" tool can be a great way to ask for—and actually receive—feedback. 


The major theme that arose from the discussion was balance. We talked about the balance that we have to walk between accepting feedback and growing professionally and personally and focusing less on what others think and more on accepting who you are and the actions you take. In discussing this point of balance, many women in attendance shared examples of how they want to receive feedback and grow but how they're also learning to focus on their own perception and values. 

We also learned that attendee Mindy Schrager had recently published blog posts on the topic of perspective judgments and on the connection between perspectives/judgment and feedback.  

Thank you to all who attended! We hope you'll join us at a future NAWBO Coffee & a TED Talk. Upcoming events can be found at


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