Why NAWBO? April 2017 President's Letter

Back in March as we kicked off our Spring Membership Drive, I asked one of our longest standing NAWBO sisters, Judy Fourie-founder of the Fourie Group, her thoughts on the value of being a NAWBO member. Here is what she had to say:

Pam: Judy, how long have you been a NAWBO member and what do you consider to be the biggest benefit of being a member?

Judy:” I have been a member since 1981, served on the board off and on for many years and served twice as president.  It is gratifying to see how the organization has grown, overcome obstacles, and thrived by adjusting to the many tides of change.  NAWBO was a beacon in the darkness in the early days of my involvement.  It gave me opportunities to learn new things, better run my business and be better educated on many issues relating to women-owned businesses and how we fit into the larger economic landscape.  

The biggest benefit beyond the things mentioned above is the amazing women I have met over the years, on the national level and in our local chapter.  I have been a member long enough to see many businesses come and go, members pass away, and new members arrive with innovative ideas, vitality and passion.  The best benefit and the reason I have remained a member all these years is the friends I have made; I still see many NAWBO members from years past.  These enduring relationships have confirmed for me that my journey was not one made alone, I had and still have the support and encouragement from a diverse group of women, young and old.  I am not sure I would have had the fortitude to trudge ahead had I not had the role models to show me that it is possible for a woman to not only own a business but prosper in that business.”

Judy is one of the many role models I have in NAWBO. As a member of NAWBO, you belong to a national community of women owners who are working together, locally and globally, to advance personal success and the success of all women business owners. We are NAWBO, it is up to us, individually and collectively, to serve one another. Those members who receive the full measure benefit of membership are both giving and receiving, sharing their time talents and resources in a way that helps solve our problems and remove the barriers to building our businesses.
We are in the home stretch of our membership drive. Our saving incentive to join ends on April 30th. Do you know of a WBO who is serious about growing a sustainable business within a supportive community, and who needs access to resources like mentoring, education, capital, connections and strategic partners? Please reach out to them-invite them to be a part of the NAWBO experience that unites women owners and supports them to define and live their dream.

Judy said it well, the journey is not one made alone, we make it through the support and encouragement from our diverse and rich community.  Help us grow

NAWBO Greater Raleigh champions women business owners with purposeful connections

Pam Williams
President, NAWBO GR
Founder, PROMOQUEST, Inc.

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